So, about me- last year I got my Master degree in Management back home, in Poland. During my studies I was always challenging myself to make “an extra step” by varied jobs and internships, volunteering in student organization and moving to Portugal for one semestr for Erasmus+ study exchange. Once you try that you are addicted and so after my studies I decided to not go the most common way- straight to work, but I travelled around Europe a bit instead and then came to Murter so here I am.

I belive in experiencing life in its best forms, every day. Love all little things that make it so special. Obsessed with the sun & sea. Big nature lover.

I’m pretty sure that I already have few cool stories to share (and you will find some of them on this blog and some on my personal one that I’m starting now- but ALSO I don’t stop, I WANT MORE AND MORE and THIS IS JUST THE BEGGINING!

My plan? Live the dream. Cause wonderland exist!

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