Velin: A new begining

It is going to be more awesome that I am thinking it will be – that was the last thing I told vocaly to myself before leaving the borders of Bulgaria. I knew that there were 19 hours of travelling by bus in total in front of me but I had my camera, a lot of music and some books with me. The main problem was that I couldn’t sleep during the way to Zagreb, I was only getting naps. When I arrived in Zagreb, the first thing I did was to by a ticket for the bus to Vodice and take a walk arround the station. When I entered I thought :Ok, that’s it, I need to fall asleep finally, but unfortunately the bus was so full, that it was more unconfortable than the previous one. I red a lot, eventhoug I wasn’t that much interested at that moment, but that made the time to pass faster. And then the sun rose. It spilled magic light allover around and I felt like I was character in a fairytale. Even there are places in Bulgaria where the mountains meet the sea, the whole nature was different. Ok, that was with the sleep’ I told to my self while I was looking everything around. I am not sure if I blinked even once for the first 15 minutes after the sun rose. The last hour went imperceptibly and I arrived in vodice. Sanja was there for me. She was waiting for little more than an hour for me. We met and she drove me to her place with her car. She has very incredibly lovely home and it is pleasure for me to live there and tace care for it. I can’t miss the chance to say a word about Juji and Kety – two lovely cats which are making the world significantly nicer place. I took shower, ate while tidying my things and then impatiently I grabbed my camera and phone (full of music, and 77% of my life is music) and went to explore. As alpinist my first job was to go on the highest point in Murter – Raduč hill. I took some photos and without loosing more time I went to say Hallo to Adriatic sea. I am born in Burgas – the most beautifull city on the Black sea coast, so even my hobby and the love to the mountain I am sea child. It was 15°C so I didn’t think long and took a short swimming in the sea. People looked me with amazement, but I was sleepy enough not to pay attention to them, moreover it was quite refreshing. I spend the weekend mostly with Sanja’s lovely family. We talked a lot about everything, telling stories, I met her kids – Marko and Sara – very well mannered and kind children!
After this refreshing weekend I came to the office for the first time. I met Ivana and Ivona who introduced me with smile and laugh into the matter and an the next day we had already started to think about my first tasks – prezenting Bulgaria to the young population of Murter. I had prezentation in Primary school of Murter and one more in Tisno. I wanted to show the kids what I find most intriguing and interesting about my country and may be to start their passion to visit Bulgaria. I was well-suprised of the fact that some of the children knew some facts about Bulgaria and I was happy that it seems that my country isn’t that unknown. By these interactive presentations I caught the attention of the kids and it was such a relief for me when they stood after the presentations and questioned me more in order to learn something more about Bulgaria and myself.
And the big day came! We travelled to Karlovac with the patrol in orger to show them Aquatika – the underground placed aquarium for freshwater fish. We learned many new interesting facts and witnessed some bizzare species of fish.
Next few days I spend with my new friend from Karlovac with whom I went to Zagreb in order to visit a concert of 4 metal bands. Of coure, I had to bring that weekend into its end, which was also a great adventure by itself. I travelled for around 300 kilometers only by hitch hiking on a way through the mountains. I used to travel whole of my day, but I ddn’d feel how it went, being in the company of random people, which just wanted to help me get home. We spoke about our lives, we told stories of each other, sometimes we couldn’t speak, because some of them didn’t speak english. However, I return home in Murter and I had a deserved break after all the experience gained.
Awesomeness! I am awaiting my next adventures here in Croatia!

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