Yordanka (Dani) did her EVS in Murter in 2014. In January 2019 we heard from her, and here you can read about her experience in Argonauta!

“I came to Croatia to do my internship as part of my Master in The Netherlands and I after I finished it, I decided to come back and stay in Murter and do EVS. Argonauta team were very helpful, friendly and warm and of course, full of ideas and willpower! Everyone could learn a lot from them! I did various activities related to translation, research, workshops, interviews, etc. Words are just not enough to describe everything and I definitely recommend the experience!

I truly enjoyed working with the local kids. We made various summer workshops with them and it was pure happiness to help them learn about ecology, archaeology, play games or learn languages.

[What was the best thing during your EVS?] It’s really difficult to say just one 🙂 There were so many – experiencing local culture, travelling the sea, participating in a theater…!
[What was the biggest challenge you faced?] The biggest challenge was overcoming my own prejudices and limits 🙂
[What would you suggest to future volunteers?] Be open to people from other culture and do not judge them. Get to know local traditions and definitely try the local food, sail and hike the island! Try different things and enjoy!”
“Describe your time in Argonauta with one word” “Life-changing!”

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