Claudia: Instruction to start a new adventure

Hello everybody!

I’m Claudia, and I came from Turin, a big city in the north of Italy surrounded by snowy mountains.. but my family whole is originating from Trapani, in Sicily, the biggest island of Mediterraneo! So, I divided my life between mountain and sea and I feel very linked with both place. And now I decided to move to a new place which, after one month, I can call it home too: Murter.

I started my adventure in the middle of September. When I got off from plane I felt a knowing smell: the sea’s smell. So I was so excited to discover the island and to live the sea so closer for a long period!

The beginning, maybe the moment more scared of a long EVS experience, turned out so exciting!

I choose to take part in this 9 months in Argonauta because the topic of the project is linked with my career expectation and lifestyle. I’m graduated in Industrial Design and the environmental sustainability is the most important principle of my studies. Be able to educate people to preserve the environment through design is my goal.

As last, but not least, reason I have chosen a long EVS is to have an experience abroad in order to improve my English language and my spirit of adaptability.

So guys, stay tuned because we will see the news!

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