Bonjour ! 🙂

I’m Ines, I’m 24 years old and I come from a small town on the east of Croatia called Vinkovci. However, for the past five years I’ve been living in the south of Croatia in Zadar. There I was studying English and French, and during my studies I participated in 2 student exchanges – one was in Budapest and the other one was in Orléans.

Funnily enough, I am back in Orléans but for a different reason ! I saw a volunteering project where the mission was to talk about mobility and as I felt connected to it I decided to partake in it. My exchanges changed my life completely, so it was only right for me to go and tell others about it!

My mission started at the beginning of October and I will be staying here until the end of July! I decided to go back to France to further improve my language skills but more importantly to share with others my experiences and to give them more information on mobility and all the possibilities that come with it.

Hope you join in on the journey with me ! 🙂

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