Hello to the person reading this!

I am Lucija, currently a volunteer of European Solidarity Corps in Orléans, France thanks to my sending and receiving organisations – Argonauta and CRIJ.

Why did I come to France?

I studied French and English at the University in Zadar, Croatia and when things did not work out the way I planned them to I was lucky enough to get this amazing opportunity and spend 10 months living in France!

How do I feel about living abroad?

I have already spent one semester of my studies in Budapest, Hungary and I loved it and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to work on my French. It has been challenging at times, but overall it’s a great experience thanks to which I met great friends and made some unforgettable memories. And I still have 6 more months left of this volunteer program! Who knows what’s in store for me? (:

What is my mission about?

My mission is mostly concerned with the sustainable development but also topics such as solidarity and citizenship, so we can say it’s a little bit of everything.. I can start my own projects or work with other volunteers on theirs, host events and animations for anyone interested in these topics or work on raising awareness on these issues among all ages.. I feel like I have a lot of freedom especially when it comes to expressing my ideas which are often warmly accepted.

Hope you enjoy my adventures and I hope to inspire you to go on your own,

xo Lucija

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