Hey there! My name is Eleonora and I am an eccentric and enthusiastic Italian woman! Tho Rome it’s my home town, I hardly feel it that way, I’ve been lucky to have the chance to move around and visit and live in new places and foreign Countries… Wanna know what did I learn? The world it’s a small place for those who are hungry for knowledge and discovery and I . Am . Starving !

Since I was a kid I always had empathy for the natural world and when I made it to University it was time to see it through a more analytical view, so I decided to study Agricultural and Environmental Science and since then my point of view completely changed, plants were not anymore only a bunch of “green stuff”, animals were not anymore just cute things to pet. I understood the power of the balance between things and that changed me from the inside.

I’ve just arrived to Murter and I have a great feeling in my guts, totally ready for this new adventure!

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