Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza

Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza is a short-term (one month) EVS program. Fifteen young volunteers from different parts of Europe gather in Murter to work for the conservation of archaeological site Colentum and of its dry stone walls, which are an important part of Dalmatian cultural heritage, even more so since the UNESCO recognized the art of dry stone walling as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The area of Colentum is neglected and forgotten, but it also represents a huge resource for the development of the community. With this project, we want to continue in rising the awareness and the interest the public for the necessity of its conservation and adequate valorisation.

The aim of the project is to improve knowledge and raise awareness about values of cultural/archaeological heritage as common European value and its potential in terms of sustainable development of rural communities, to make the voluntary work and benefits more visible for the community, and inform youth of the different opportunities of Erasmus+ Programme.

Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza promotes European values of tolerance among young people from different background and multicultural society . It’s extremely relevant for our organization to promote the active participation of young people for European important topics such as cultural heritage and to include them into building even better European environment.

In December 2018, a special acknowledgment of the quality of the project arrived directly from the European Union offices: the third edition of Dry Stone Wall Extravaganza was recognized as one of the most successful projects under the Erasmus+ program for 2018 and its summary was published in the brochure “Enriching our cultural heritage”.

To know more about this project, you can watch the following videos: