How you can get EVS position?

In internet is plenty of information and explanations about how to get and EVS position. Do not be stressed, we are give you the best advices for do that!

1. Find a sending organisation:

You can find sending organisation in your town or country in the official EVS DATABASE

The first step is get a connection with sending organisation. They will give you information and support you during aplication procedure

2. Find a project.

You can check where to look for EVS projects in our menu.

3. Write you motivation letter and CV

If you chose Europass CV you can crete it here:

When you did that you can apply on the volunteer position. Remeber that you can choose as many project as interested you without any restrictions. Some of organisation made a form where they get specific question about the project and you also need to fill it.

4. Apply and wait

When you applied sometimes you need to wait until the project will be approved. Do not worry that will take 3 months and use this time to prepare yourself to move out.

Your sending organisation and receiving organisation will support you and help you with all things.
That is all. Enjoy it!