Where to look for EVS projects?

OK , if you are here i suppose you have already read a lot of information about EVS and you want to be involved in one. Let´s start to find the best project for you. It´s not a good idea to limit the options by selecting only one country. We  recommend you to choose few topics and be open to read an take the best opportunity for you in all the countries of the EU. You will have the support and the help of EU. Don´t be afraid and live your own adventure.


You have 2 choices for find a project

  1. Find the organisation first and ask if they are planning to do an EVS soon, that way is slow , but you will allow to have a good contact with the organisation that you will be involve and start to know about them.
  2. Find the project with deadline or find a urgent opportunity to applied. In less than one month you can have project, and date for start. In my opinion that is the better way to get a EVS position

The European database on EVS accredited organisations

All organisations located in Programme Countries and South East Europe that are interested in sending or hosting EVS volunteers, or in coordinating an EVS project need first to be accredited.

This database contains information on all the organisations that are accredited for EVS. Each organisation is presented through a short description, its motivation and EVS experience, the themes of work and contact details. It also informs if the organisation offers possibilities for young people with fewer opportunities.

In addition, for all accredited host organisations, you find a description of the project environment, activities and volunteer profiles.

Unfortunately not all projects what are published in the database are looking for volunteers therefore we suggest that before sending your application to your selected organization, contact them and ask if they are planning to host new volunteers and what is the application procedure.

Youth Networks

Youth Networks are internet platform where organizations are publishig available vacancies for EVS projects. Please note that NOT all organizations are publishing their projects on this database and not all the projects are EVS projects.


There are several facebook pages and groups where are posted vacancies for EVS volunteers. It´s a good choice and give you updated information about the projects.

I suggest you go to the nearest young information center because sometimes they know another EVS projects and can recomend you another way of find one in your country.

*Additional information.

Usefull spanish websites:


Servicio Voluntario Europeo