Action Re-Loaded (May 2018)

Action Re-Loaded

(11th-20th May 2018)

The waste that everyone creates on a daily basis should be reduced and may become a valuable raw material if collected properly and recycled. However, this is not happening in most of Europe, and there are plenty of practical problems (but also solutions!) related to household waste. To face these issues, we should start to think in term of 7Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, but also Respect, Refuse, Rethink, and Repair.

During the youth exchange Action Re-Loaded, thirtyfive young people from seven countries (Croatia, Turkey, Poland, Romania, Macedonia, Portugal, Spain) had the opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of recycling and re-using discarded items and of separating the waste. Among other activities, they visited two recycling facilities to learn more about waste treatment and they learned how to create reusable shopping bags from old T-shirts and distributed them to local shops.

At the same time, the creativity of the participants was encouraged by engaging them in designing activities and games for children based on the 7Rs concept, which can be  found in the final e-booklet “Action Re-Loaded“.

The project gave the participants the opportunity to develop their skills in teamwork, public speaking, problem-solving and to use their creativity, thus increasing their feeling of personal achievement and success. The exchange was also the occasion to learn more about tolerance, social cohesion and mutual respect, as all the activities were designed to promote such values.

To know more about this youth exchange, watch the final video following this link!

This project received the support of Erasmus+ funding and of the Agency for Mobility and EU Programmes.