Stop, Drop and Role! (April 2019)

This year, Erasmus+ project “Stop, Drop and Role” will be held in Šibenik.

The consequence of climate change are felt all over the world. Over the past 150 years, people have greatly damaged the environment, and this is why we are now facing extreme fires, floods, storms, and so on.

Why a project about fires?

In recent decades, fires have caused not only enormous damages to the environment, but also loss of human lives. In 2017 only, fires have burned more than 1.2 million hectares in EU and have killed 127 peoople. More than 25% of the burned area was part of Natura2000: this destroyed the efforts of EU countries to preserve biodiversity and habitats for future generations. In the majority of cases, fires have been caused by human negligence or intent; therefore, fire prevention is crucial in solving the problem. Through the project we will strive to raise awareness about fires’ causes, prevention, environmental impact, and about what to do in the event of a fire. Workshops about first aid will also be held.

Active participation in environmental protection of young people coming from different countries is highly relevant, because the environment knows no borders and only international cooperation can lead to conservation. Throughout the project, participants will understand how individual actions can contribute to environmental protection, and will fully understand the slogan “think globally – act locally”.

Through teamwork, presentations, public performances, and problem-solving activities participants will improve their skills and feel a natural sense of satisfaction. On the other hand, the activities will promote in young people the values of tolerance, respect, and social cohesion. The project’s aims are encouraging young people to participate actively in society; improving their key competences; promoting cultural understanding, tolerance, respect, and European cooperation in the field of youth. In doing so, the project will fully contribute to the goals defined by the Erasmus+ program.